Airbnb's evolution from 2008 in New-York City

October 29, 2015 - hacks -

The following map displays the evolution of Airbnb accomodations in New-York City since 2008 until 2015. You can play with this map by using the slider located under the GoogleMaps.

/ accomodations

Data used in this project come from Inside Airbnb and a specific crawler developped by myself. It parsed the registration date located on user's profiles. Data is available under "Any commercial use licence CC BY-NC"

Methodology :Airbnb displays only the registration date of users. The creation date of an offer is not available. I used this registration date as creation date for the accomodation. It's not 100% accurate but it's the only way to display the information. Per example if John registered in January 2008, add 1 accomodation in the same time and add 4 accomodations in Septembre 2013, the five offers will use "january 2008" as creation date instead of september for the last 4. After data analysis only few users have several accomodations.

Thanks to Vivien for his jokes and Ytokan.

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